Crime Solvers

Hone your teamwork skills by solving a complex crime.

1.5 - 3 hodiny
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Crime Solvers presents teams with a realistic crime scenario. Their task is to solve the crime by sifting through a massive amount of information delivered in various methods. Taped 999 calls, crime scene videos, filmed suspect interviews, photographs, autopsy reports, transcripts, forensic evidence, and more all confuse and mislead the detectives. Some information is vital, and some is misleading!

Teams piece together the evidence by combing the scene for clues using genuine techniques, including fingerprint analysis, chromatography and ultra-violet lighting. Armed with an information file and an iPad, they attempt to identify the killer and the motive, coming up with the evidence to prove their accusation.

Očakávané výsledky

Crime Solvers is an enjoyable and engaging team-bonding experience, but it's much more than a fun 'murder mystery'! Teamwork, resourcefulness, and excellent communication skills are required to unravel the mystery of the murder of Madame Livingstone.

Teams receive various information through verbal instruction, audio recordings, written reports, videos and evidence materials. Faced with a mass of data, teams must focus on the questions and develop the ability to identify what is relevant, eliciting discussion and debate within a team. Active listening and asking the right questions based on available information will lead to success. Teams need to work well together to problem-solve various issues that are introduced against an ever-increasing background of pressure and time deadlines. Throughout the game, process improvement is attained as team members learn to debate, discuss, and collaborate effectively, using deductive reasoning to draw conclusions based on logic and consensus. Competition against other teams fuels team spirit and encourages all participants to be fully engaged and strive for excellence.

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